Windows 8 And Flash - A Match Made In Hades

A study by security firm Secunia is calling out Microsoft's decision to include Adobe Flash as part of the Internet Explorer browser. Java and Flash are two of the worst offenders as far as being vectors for PC malware infections and other security issues, and Microsoft's decision to include Flash has apparently led to Windows 8 having the most vulnerabilities of any Windows version out there. 
If you are wondering why Windows 8 tops the charts, even though Microsoft touts the platform as more secure than its predecessors, the answer is quite simple; Flash. Because Flash is now baked into the modern instance of IE, any Flash vulnerability can now be tied into Windows 8 as well.
This is certainly not a trend that Microsoft would like to see but the facts, are well, the facts. When Microsoft announced that Flash would be baked into the modern IE browser, knowing the history of Flash, this exact issue was raised many times.

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