DIY Via YouTube

If you have never tried it, looking for Do-It-Yourself help on YouTube may be a revelation - it's not just for kitten videos, you know. Other than someone looking over your shoulder and offering advice (or actually doing the thing for you), an instructional video can be really helpful - even if it just convinces you that you should stop and get professional help before you really get into trouble.

There are many sources for these how-to videos, some are from businesses or other professionals, while others are from enthusiastic amateurs just eager to pass on their knowledge. 

As an example, after we moved house we found that we had a non-functional garbage disposal; it looked to be a newer unit but was dead as a dodo, even though the electrical outlet was "live". Mrs Oldgoat - always the proactive one - did a quick search, and came up with two salient facts:

1) Check the electrical reset button (it had tripped).

2) Use a hex wrench to manually free up the blades if they seem to be jammed.
See the video above - bingo, working disposal.

The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets makes this kind of instruction even more useful - just have the device with you and watch and listen as you work on whatever your are doing. Prudence would dictate care if you are working outside or with water of course, most mobile devices are not waterproof.

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