Grammar: There, They're, Their

The English language is a rich one; it is the language of Shakespeare, of the King James Bible, of Charles Dickens. It is also chock full of seemingly arbitrary rules, devious spelling pitfalls, homonyms, synonyms, and so on.

In short, if you can string a few paragraphs together without creating any grammatical blunders, you are probably doing well - better than many. It's something I struggle with quite a bit when writing blog articles.

Sometimes I try to be "cute" and use slang words and so on, most times I attempt to portray things clearly and concisely, but I am mindful to at least try to be grammatically correct. Try.

As is often the case, there is help available online - specifically, I would submit Grammar Girl as a very useful resource, with many written clearly-written articles on this thorny subject, and the occasional webcast or video clip.

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