Microsoft Continues To Beat The Snot Out Of Windows XP

Microsoft really, really wants you to cast off Windows XP and move up to a real operating system like - oh, I don't know - Windows 8.1. While I understand Microsoft's desire to rid themselves of this elderly Operating System, it often sounds like they are bad-mouthing a competitors' crappy product than their own legacy OS. People may start to wonder why Microsoft ever sold them such a miserable product...

In a very lengthy post on the Microsoft security blog titled 'Cyber threats to Windows XP and guidance for Small Businesses and Individual Consumers', Tim Rains, director of the Redmond firm's Trustworthy Computing Group, lays out five fearsome threats facing Windows XP users.
These risks are: surfing the web; opening email or using instant messaging; using removable drives; worms and ransomware. Rains also offers some pretty standard advice on how to deal with these threats.

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