Microsoft Reminds Us Yet Again That Windows XP Is Old Tat

As any readers of this blog will be well aware, Windows XP will soon become the "turd in the swimming pool" of operating systems. Excuse the graphic analogy, but that's what's up.  Check it out (and notice how I skilfully mix my metaphors) -

Strike One - Microsoft has a website where you can test to see if you are running XP or not. This is not as weird as it may first sound, as I know from working on a Help Desk over the years that a lot of people neither know nor care which OS they have.

Strike Two - Starting on March 8th, and every 8th of the month thereafter, Windows XP users will see a "nag screen" advising them that their computer is running an old, decrepit (but still well-liked) operating system. The actual end of support for Windows XP is April 8th 2014.

Strike Three - Since a true straight "upgrade" from XP to Windows 8.1 is pretty much impossible (you need to back up your data, reload and restore data and programs) Microsoft is offering a free download of PC Mover Express starting later this week. The utility helps with moving data (and some programs) from one OS to the other.

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