Text Spam Is A Bloody Menace

I have fortunately not had to deal with a ton of text spam, but I have certainly seen enough of it to know I hate it and would probably punch one of those spammers in the junk if I ever met up with them. Pardon my indelicacy, but the spammers have managed to bodge up text messaging in much the same way they ruined email and faxes. Yes, I have signed up at the "do not call" registry, but I have concluded over the years that the service is next to worthless at actually stopping unsolicited communications. As my cell provider does not offer call blocking, about the only other thing I can do is forward spam messages to "SPAM"  (7726) - this works with the major providers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. My point is, I shouldn't have to; just leave me the heck alone.

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