Turkey's Twitter Two-Step

Twitter, the popular "micro blogging" application, has feature prominently in recent instances of civil unrest around the globe. It's a really efficient way to get information or propaganda out, either to your own side, the other side, or the world in general. The most recent example is the country of Turkey, where the Prime Minister ordered the country's ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block the social media service after some embarrassing material concerning him was posted to YouTube and widely promoted via Twitter. Turkish Twitter users then began to use an alternate DNS service to bypass the blockage; in this case, Google DNS was used. DNS is a way for computers to translate something like "" into an IP address that they can work with, so by using the unfiltered Google DNS Turkish users can still use Twitter. There are other methods the government may still use to block the service, but for now Twitter is back.

Update - Turkey is now blocking IP addresses used by Twitter...

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