Windows XP End Of Support Pop-Up

With the most recent Patch Tuesday updates, one of the components was a message to Windows XP users that support is ending for that venerable operating system after April 8th, 2014. For the many remaining XP users out there, this is your "final warning" of a sort (it will continue to pop up every 8th of the month from now on). The ramifications of continuing to use Windows XP after April could be pretty serious. Windows XP will still work - it's won't just "stop" - but no more security patches or operational fixes will be forthcoming from Microsoft. Your antivirus software should still work and should still be updated - at least for a while, depending on which product you are using. Over the following months though, Windows XP will become less secure and more of a liability, as would-be attackers will likely declare open season on XP and it's users - low-hanging fruit is very appealing to the bad guys...

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