"OK Google" May Become Ubiquitous

If you have an Android phone or tablet, or even the Google Chrome browser, you may have used the Google Now voice recognition interface. In it's most basic form, it allows you to perform a Google search by voice; you click the microphone next to the search icon, then speak. Another way to start the process is to have the Google Now app running, and say "OK Google", which brings up the search again, waiting for your spoken input. As gimmicky as this may sound to many of you, I actually use this a fair bit - and it works, even with my slightly faded Scottish accent. It's often faster than typing out my search on the tablet screen.

How to enable "OK Google" to work from anywhere in Android - GroovyPost.

It now looks like Google is pressing ahead with a broader application of this type of natural language interface:

Essentially, it appears that Google wants to put the "Ok Google" hotword and/or voice-based actions just about everywhere, with a focus on adding specialized actions for individual apps. This would mean that users could, for example, say "Ok Google" inside the photos app to open a voice box, which would then allow them to perform actions specific to the photo app like sharing, or perhaps starting up the editor.

Google is apparently exploring this idea with new navigation buttons, including a "Google" button that would replace the traditional home button.

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