So, What's The Deal With Heartbleed?

You have likely heard of Heartbleed by now, and may be curious or confused as to what it is, what it does and if you should worry about it. The Cliff Notes version is that it is a nasty bug (programming error) that has been lurking around the OpenSSL version of the SSL encryption protocol for perhaps the past two years. In effect that means is that a vital part of the security apparatus used in the majority of Internet servers has a big problem, and therefore so do all of us. It's not the whole Internet, and it's not clear how much mischief may have been afoot before this was brought to light, but it could be pretty horrible.

Here are some links to explain the problem, the potential issues, and the best ways to protect yourself. This definitely seems like something we should all be proactive about.

I would also be on the lookout for the usual flood of spam regarding this, both via email and social media - we all should know by know how those cretins hate to let a good crisis go to waste...

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