Some Days Are One Of Those Days

I seldom think of myself as a person of fifty-something; a baby boomer. In my mind, I more usually feel like a big kid - or sometimes a little kid. That's usually a good thing, except when my "little kid" persona creeps into play when I interact with other adults, who I seem to automatically assume are somehow "real" adults, and therefore different from me.

There are also (thankfully few) occasions when I do feel my age - a man on the downhill part of life's journey. Fortunately, so far it is not usually a case of physically hurting, or of experiencing creaky bones or joints - although that can play a part of course. It's usually more of a state of mind. 

There will have been some ghastly story on the news, for example; another example of man's seemingly endless inhumanity towards his fellow man. Those sorts of things will bring age upon me more abruptly than aches and pains, or huffing and puffing on a flight of stairs. I start to realize that this sort of behavior has not changed over the years of my life, and is unlikely to change, and that weighs upon me. That ages me.

Luckily, I have been blessed with an upbeat sort of personality, and sooner or later I naturally return to my usual state of genial equanimity. I guess I should be grateful for that - and I am.

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