Yes, We Will Share Our Health Care Data, But...

Not surprisingly, although a recent survey shows that 9 out of ten US respondents are willing to share their health care data in order to help further research efforts into treatments and cures, they would only do so if the data remains anonymous. Duh!
The fourth Makovsky Health / Kelton Survey shows that around 90 percent of Americans are ready to share personal, health-related data so that researchers can get more data about diseases, specifically with an eye toward treating or even curing said diseases. But that support is somewhat contingent on one big factor: being able to contribute that data anonymously.

The survey revealed plenty of new data about users and the relationships forged with healthcare. 35 percent of Americans would now trust the information from a disease-related website sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, and the number of Americans who would never trust such information has fallen from 23 percent last year to just 16 percent this year.

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