Donating Blood - No App For That Yet

Donating blood can literally mean a gift of life for someone; on some level, it is a very personal thing. You are giving a (replaceable) part of yourself for the benefit of others. Blood supplies are way down in recent years, yet blood drives tend to be driven by phones calls, postcards and word of mouth - old tech, but with a little more personal touch.

Until we can come up with reliable blood substitutes - which are being worked on by many - it may behoove us to start utilizing more even social media methods to let people know of the need, and when and where they can donate.
Approximately 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood, but less than 10% do so annually. The pool of donors is also limited, due to factors that cause ineligibility, including having cardiovascular disease, traveling outside of the country, contracting infections, recently acquiring tattoos or piercings, or men who have had sex with other men.

If the need is so great, why is it that able-bodied folks don't give blood more often? The list of reasons runs the gamut, whether it's being scared of needles, not having time or, most importantly, simply not knowing about nearby blood drives.

As of 2012, 50% of the people who donated to blood centers said they did so because they received a phone call from the American Red Cross. The other 50% attended blood drives organized by companies, community or religious organizations, and schools, which publicized their efforts via word of mouth and social media.

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