GCF Learnfree Has A New Android App

GCF Learnfree ("Learning and Living in the Online World") is a great site that provides free learning materials on many topics, from technology to life skills. They now have an Android app that allows you to manage YouTube videos.
Who doesn’t love YouTube and its millions of viewable videos? Well, if you’re there quite frequently and use a variety of videos for your own entertainment or for work or school, then you likely have a ton of them bookmarked on your computer. You might even have a folder of favorites you can access when you need them. But what’s even simpler is something we just introduced: the GCF Projects app.

With our newest Android app, you can now pick and choose the YouTube videos—ANY videos—you want and then add them to a playlist that YOU create. Let’s say you’re working on a school project and need to do some research on a topic. You could create a playlist that had all of the videos pertaining to that particular research so you’d have just one place to go when you needed it.

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