Microsoft And The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Fiasco

Big companies can do some dumb things at times. Really dumb. Dumb as in you just wonder if anyone actually signed off on the thing, or if it just slipped through the various meetings on the quiet. Enter Microsoft, a well established multi-billion dollar tech titan, who have pulled a boner of quite remarkable proportions, in this Old Goat's humble opinion. 

First of all we had Windows 8, which got off to a shaky start - then came Windows 8.1, a fairly substantial update. Next was the awkwardly-named Windows 8.1 update 1 (why not Windows 8.2?). Okay, never mind that - but here's the rub; if you have not already upgraded to Windows 8.1 update 1, you won't get anymore updates for Windows 8.1 - essentially relegating it to Windows XP status. Huh?? 

Windows 7 users still get updates, as will Windows 8 users - those who never upgraded to Windows 8.1.

Dumb, like I said.

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