Reaching For A Really Cheap Cell Plan

I am Scottish, and we Scots can be cheap. Sometimes we overdo it and "out-cheap" ourselves, but as the old saying goes "Mony a mickle maks a muckle" - (roughly "The little things all add up"). I used Virgin mobile as my cell phone provider for a year or so; the rates were good and the tech support was also quite good too. My only issue was coverage; in the area that I lived at the time, I was just on the edge of the service area and my voice calls at home were pretty dodgy. I used Virgin for both a cheap smart phone and a clamshell phone. 

Sticking with a no-contract provider, I then switched to Straight Talk (a TracFone venture with Wal-Mart), and did actually get better voice coverage, and a similar monthly fee of $30 for 1,500 minutes and unlimited text messages (and a small amount of data - 100MB last time I checked). As I currently use a clamshell phone and not a smartphone, the small amount of data is fine.

In trying to shave the last few dollars off of my $30 per month bill, I discovered Ting. offers a no-contract setup where you can purchase a phone from Ting, or bring your own (from a limited selection of Sprint-compatible devices). They differ in that you pay a flat $6 per month per phone, then you only pay for what you actually used during your billing cycle. They have a list of rates here, and for someone like me who has light use it promises a decent savings - I expect to end up around $20 per month.

My only drawback is that I will need to purchase another phone (another clamshell for now), but there are several coupons floating around - just Google for them - or you can use this link courtesy of The Linux Action Show and Ting, which gives $25 off most phones that you can purchase from

I have not made the move yet, but will keep you posted.

Mony a mickle maks a muckle!

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