Scanning Those Old Photos

While many boomers and seniors may still enjoy the tactile part of flipping through photo albums or rummaging through shoe boxes full of faded photos (I know I do), digital images can provide a wonderful experience too; they are easy to send to others, you can create online albums, make slide shows and so on. The chore can be getting from the shoe box to the cloud, so to speak. How about a company that sends you a box, you fill the box up with photos, return to them and they scan all your photos for a set price? ScanMyPhotos does just that. The "prepaid box" feature is shown as $159 on their site, but is actually $99 at the moment for around 1,800 3x5 photos (as many as fit in the box). The video below give you the idea (and is basically an ad for the USPS as well...)

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