Scottish Independence: Be Careful What You Wish For

A bit off-topic for this blog, but as someone who was born and raised in Scotland I "get" the desire to seek out independent status from the rest of the UK. In the United Kingdom, the various countries - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland - are somewhat analogous to "states" in the USA, with England being the "seat of power" for the government. "The English" then, are felt to have all the control and indeed they largely do - they are the "Feds" if you like. The country of Scotland is a bit smaller than the state of Ohio, and also has a smaller population (5 million vs 11 million), but there are natural resources and talented people there. There is a great article in the New Scientist about the choices facing the small country and the possible outcomes of Scottish independence, it's worth a read if you are even casually interested in this matter.

Four Futures For An Independent Scotland - NewScientist

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