Weekly Round-Up

Been a busy week as we are in the midst of a Windows 7 roll out at work, but here I am on a Friday evening ready to bring you my usual selection of links from the last few days.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Game Of Thrones In Numbers: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

How Do Firefox, Chrome Stack Up To Internet Explorer?

Hawking: AI Could Be The "Worst Thing Ever For Humanity"

US Bank Customers Targeted With Vishing Messages - (VOIP phishing)

Fantastic Sci-Fi Art Shows You A Beautiful, Bewildering Future

The EFF Wants Your Help Testing A Browser Add-on That Blocks Spying Ads

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John D Carmack said...

Re: C-Net article on Hawking, says, "Perhaps, as Hawking says, more people from the scientific side of life ought to focus on preparing for bad things. You know, like people looking at someone wearing Google Glass and thinking: 'Ew.'"

Pretty flippant article, that. If GMO and AI don't get us, good old fashioned human greed and corruption will.