Apple iOS 8 Announced

Apple has announced iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 and it is the next generation of the platform that brings a suite of new features to the popular smartphone and will be available later this year.

Notification center has been updated to allow for quick responses and easy management of notifications. There is also a new way to quickly access your frequent contacts too.

In Safari, a new tab-view is coming to the iPad with 'birds eye view' and the iPad also gets a sidebar navigation panel.

Mail on the iPad has been overhauled with new gestures and tagging support. Composing messages now has a 'multitask' type view where you can hide messages to view other content while writing an email.

Spotlight has also been updated which means improved search across your device and the web. It's a more cohesive search that makes it one location to find content locally and on the web. Apple calls the new feature, 'Spotlight Suggestions' and it brings more relevant content to the top of your searches.

Apple is also introducing predicative typing suggestions and it is context sensitive too. For example, if someone asks you "Do you want to go to dinner or a movie?" The quick type feature will suggest dinner and movie, for faster responses and the feature supports many different languages.

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