My 3 Favorite Things About Tablets

Last Christmas, I got a really nice gift of a Nexus 7 tablet and after using it every day since, these are the three things I like best about it. Some may seem a little odd (or maybe not). These features would apply to most Android tablets and possibly to the iPad - I have less hands-on experience with the iPad.

First - it's always there, always ready; I just flip open the cover and it's ready to go. When I am done, just close the cover. That's the way computing devices should work.

Second - voice search; I find I use this a surprising amount, and it really works, even with my Scottish accent. I have bifocals, ham hands and sausage fingers - and so this usually much faster that typing something with the onscreen keyboard.

Third - Google Drive; this has turned out to be a very useful and handy feature as it provides a quick way to scan images or documents using the tablet camera. The scanning process crops and squares up the image, and saves the scan as a PDF to your Google drive. Documents scan nicely, and it's very easy and quick.

Image courtesy GroovyPost

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