The Brain Fart Cometh

For you younger readers, the brain fart - or the less scatological senior moment - is that unwelcome occasion when your brain just seems to take a vacation for a short time; you miss a highway exit you have used for years, or your mind just goes blank in the middle of a thought. It's disconcerting and seems to be primarily a feature of reaching "a certain age". I think it may be life's way of saying "Don't feel too smug about making it this far; I still have a few tricks up my sleeve".

I'm sure the doctors will offer their standard trope of "get plenty of sleep, eat fresh vegetables and get more exercise". While these days we are all terrified that it's the first sign of something more serious like Alzheimer's Disease or perhaps the result of a small stroke, I think it's just inevitable myself - you never hear the term "doddering young man", do you?

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