Chrome Browser Is A Vampire!

Or, less dramatically, the Chrome browser apparently has a long-lived programming bug that makes it use more power than expected, at least on Windows computers. This obviously affects laptop users most, who often rely on battery power. Google now has Top Men working on it, following an article on Forbes...TOP Men.
Instead of waking up the processor every 15.625ms, Chrome tells Windows to have it wake up every 1.000ms. So while your PC normally wakes up the processor 64 times per second when it's idle, as long as you have Chrome running, the processor wakes up 1,000 times per second.
Chrome doesn't have to be running in the foreground to have this effect, either. There's only one platform timer, so when one application changes its resolution, the new value becomes a system-wide setting.
Naturally, if your system's processor is never allowed any rest, the effects of any power-management techniques will be virtually negated, and your battery will run down at a much faster rate than it should.

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