Forty Minutes Of Facebook

Facebook users in the US spend an average of about 40 minutes per day indulging their social media needs. While that's a pretty good engagement, I actually thought the number would be a bit higher. Personally, I spend maybe 15-20 mins on those days when I do visit the site (about every other day, most times), but then I don't currently use a smartphone and 62% of Facebook's revenue comes from mobile device usage.
[Facebook CEO, Mark] Zuckerberg said that the 40 minutes a day on Facebook account for one in five minutes spent on mobile in the US. Yet Facebook’s CEO sees plenty of room to grow, as he said “overall people in the US spend nine hours per day engaging with digital media with TV, phones and computers” and called this a “Big opportunity to improve the way people can share”. With 204 million monthly users on Facebook in the US and Canada, it could earn a lot of money by inching up that engagement time per day.

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