Money-Grubbing Politicians? There's An App For That!

"Money is the mother's milk of politics" a familiar quote from Jesse M. Unruh. Speaker of the California State Assembly, 1961-1969. It's actually a bit disheartening when you actually dig in just a wee bit and see how true that is. It seems that everyone is if not "on the take" then at least standing with their hand out and a smile on their face; but, it was ever thus. You can now readily get the goods on your own Congressional Representative using the browser plugin "Greenhouse", which simply picks out that politician's name from an article you may be reading, and dishes up the dirt right then and there.
It is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and is completely free. As you can imagine, reading about how your member of Congress voted in a recent health bill becomes all the more enlightening if you know how much money the health industry showered him in at the last election.

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