Remember This? The Honeywell Kitchen Computer

Of course you don't, this contraption was more of a marketing curiosity than a viable product; and yet, it was the first computer ever offered (if not actually sold) as a consumer product.
The Honeywell Kitchen Computer or H316 pedestal model of 1969 was a short-lived product offered by Neiman Marcus as one of a continuing series of extravagant gift ideas. It sold for $10,000 ($63,730 in 2013 dollars), weighed over 100 pounds (over 45kg), and was advertised as useful for storing recipes. Reading or entering these recipes would have been nearly impossible for the average housewife or cook, since the user interface required the user to complete a two-week course just to learn how to program the device, using only toggle-switch input and binary light output. It had a built in cutting board and had a few recipes built in. No evidence has been found that any Honeywell Kitchen Computers were ever sold.

Hmm, looks like biscuits and gravy again...

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