"Bite This" With Nadia G: Food Can Be Funny

Stepping away from my usual subjects for a second, Nadia Giosia aka Nadia G is a Canadian chef and comedic actress who brought her web-based cooking show to TV in the form of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen. She also has another show titled Bite This on the Cooking Channel that takes her out of the studio and into eating places around the country. I find her very funny in an unpredictable, off-kilter way; she plays the quirky Nadia G character at all times, rather than being herself (she is a rather quiet Canadian of Italian parents). 

Nadia G is assertive and subversive, uses quite a bit of Italian slang (capiche?) and often says (and does) things completely out of left field. The Bitchin' Kitchen show is a bit like a slightly more adult version of PeeWee's Playhouse, with cooking. She has a small cast of recurring weirdo characters, who explain ingredients or techniques. These have followed her to the new show, which is more like PeeWee's Playhouse meets Diners Drive-Ins And Dives, Guy Fieri's traveling cooking show on the Food Network. 

Part of the fun of Bite This is seeing the reactions of the chefs she meets on the show, mostly they may look slightly baffled or alarmed at first, then they "get it" and join in the nonsense. If you want to see something a little different in a cooking show and have the Cooking Channel, check it out.

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