Remember This? Mork & Mindy

The sad news of actor and comedian Robin Williams' death instantly made me think of the show Mork & Mindy, which ran from 1978 to 1982. It was such a silly, funny and joyous show, centering around Robin Williams' zany but heartfelt performance as an alien from planet Ork sent to Earth to observe human behavior. It was one of those relatively rare occasions where the actor and the material fit each other so well that it was hard not to like the show. 

Embracing the child-like curiosity (and behavior) of Ork, Williams' had a showcase for the abundance of talent he brought to the table; frantic slapstick, mime, crazy voices and off-kilter improv were all present in heaping helpings. Williams went on to showcase real acting chops in other vehicles after Mork & Mindy, but it was this show that brought him to the public consciousness, following up on an almost throwaway appearance as a slightly more menacing version of the Ork character in an earlier episode of the show Happy Days.

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