Senior Moment Confession

Yes, they happen to the best of us - and to me. Two outlets in the kitchen stopped working, one of them being a GFI outlet.

I reset the GFI outlet (ground fault interrupt) and checked the breakers in the basement. We only moved here a few months ago, so I'm not 100% sure of the condition of all of the electrical stuff; I pulled the two affected outlets to see if anything had shorted out, or come loose.

Nope. I did notice that it looked like the GFI was connected to the other problem outlet - which made sense - so I reasoned the GFI was the problem. A few more minutes head scratching and it dawned on me that I had actually been putting the GFI into test mode instead of resetting it back to normal operation. Grrr.

Bear in mind, I work on a help desk and so perform a lot of troubleshooting during my work week. The weekend seems to be another matter though...

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