SSD Laptop Upgrade

I finally completed an on-again-off-again project and upgraded my laptop hard disk to an SSD (Solid State Drive, with no moving parts). This is really not a difficult project in most cases, and you are rewarded with snappier, quieter and cooler performance. In my case, because I run Linux on my laptop, it was perhaps a little easier that it would be for a Windows computer. I say that only because Linux comes with versions of most commonly-used applications already installed (an office suite, photo editor and so on), whereas with Windows you would generally need to reinstall your applications after reinstalling Windows.

I had not been in any particular rush to complete this, and was just waiting for a good deal at my local computer store. SSDs are usually noticeably more expensive that their traditional brethren but prices are coming down and deals do show up. I finally picked up a PNY brand 120GB SSD drive for less than $70, which was $50 or so off it's regular price. This is actually a huge downgrade in capacity from my laptop's 640GB original conventional drive, but as I don't use a lot of space that did not matter to me; a 32 GB drive would probably have been enough for my purposes, to be honest. 

The replacement process itself went without a hitch and the laptop has been running well for a couple of hours so far. The apps open noticeably more quickly and the boot time is even less than it was before. It's not as drastic a speed up as when I had upgraded a Windows XP desktop a few years ago, but I think this is a better computer and the performance was pretty good to start with. I did not make any benchmark tests before and after, but it's definitely faster, so I am happy.

HowToGeek has a nice new article on upgrading, if you feel like trying a project like this yourself.

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