Windows 8, We Hardly Knew Ye

Despite a lot of effort of Microsoft's part to put lipstick on the Windows 8 pig, it looks like they are giving up on their PC operating system and are focusing efforts on Windows 9. Sales have been lackluster and interest has not really increased even though the folks at Redmond, WA have been trying to back off some of the more radical elements of Windows 8 in order to win over hearts and minds; but it still has that whiff of the reviled Windows Vista about it.
It’s official, Windows 8 is a write-off . Sales for the operating system have been poor and now it is even starting to lose market share to Windows 7. To Microsoft MSFT -0.07%’s credit it has bravely persisted addressing issue after issue. Most notable was the major Windows 8.1 Update 1 patch released in April which makes the OS a genuinely credible platform. Still it remains far from perfect and now Microsoft is prematurely pulling the plug.

In a blog post by Microsoft Senior Marketing Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc, he explains that there will be no more major update releases for Windows 8: “despite rumours and speculation, we are not planning to deliver a Windows 8.1 ‘Update 2’.”

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