Windows 9 Features - What To Expect

What features may show up in Windows 9 (codename "Threshold"), when it comes charging in on a white horse (Microsoft hopes) next year? People outside Microsoft don't really know the details yet, but there are some pretty sure bets:

1 - The return of a Start menu in some form; there was a lot of unrest about Windows 8 effectively removing it, and there was even talk at one time of bringing it back to Windows 8. It looks like that feature might be an attractive one to tout on Windows 9 though.

2 - Virtual desktops; this feature has been available Mac and Linux users for some time, and would probably be an attractive addition. Virtual Desktops give the ability to use several separate desktop environments on the same PC, something like using multiple monitors, but only requiring a single screen to implement.

3 - Cortana integration; Cortana is Microsft's answer to Apple's Siri digital assistant, and is currently available on Windows phones. Apple seems to be looking at moving Siri to it's next OS X desktop operating system release, and Microsoft looks likely to do the same for Windows 9.

These are a few potential "biggies", but we can probably expect quite few other changes to differentiate Windows 9 from Windows 8 - oh, and Internet Explorer 12...

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