A Tablet To Read e-Books?

Tablets computers and e-Readers look much the same; a slim, rectangular, portable device with a screen. However the screen itself is quite different. Whereas a tablet has a display similar to a smart phone or even an LCD computer monitor, the e-reader typically has an "e-ink" or "e-paper" display, where the reading experience is much more like reading something written on paper. That specialization is great, and also gives the e-Reader terrific battery life, but makes also makes it a bit of a one-trick pony. 

So, can you just read e-Books on a tablet instead of having two different devices? Sure you can, and some tablets are probably more suitable than others, as listed here. I would also say if your only reading experience has been with an e-Reader, a tablet is a little different - mostly because the display is backlit, and you probably should pay attention to how bright the display is if you are staring at it for extended periods (as when reading a couple of chapters). If you are laying in bed with the lights out, you don't want the tablet screen dazzling you.

an older Nook color tablet

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