Car Hunting Help via

Have just successfully completed the search for a decent used car to replace a much older one, I can recommend the site as a useful tool. This is another gem found by Mrs Oldgoat, who, despite professing to "not like computers" seems to have quite a gift for finding useful web sites (she is annoyingly and consistently better than yours truly at this).

The site allows you to search for new and used cars, and to research  brands and models. When searching, the result are presented for your geographic area, and also give  a good indication whether the results are a "fair price", "good price", "great price", etc, based upon the mileage and so on.

There are typically plenty of images, and the dealers are also rated where this information is available. The site is uncluttered and it's pretty obvious how to use it, unlike some other resources of this kind. We found it very helpful, and ended up getting what we hope was a good deal close to our home.

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