iPad Basic Tips For iOS 7, iOS 8

Sometimes, you just need a basic guide to something to reassure yourself you are not losing your mind. When I first got an Android device, it took me a while - quite a while, to be truthful - to figure out (now obvious) things like pressing and holding to select something. I try to never assume that basic guides are too basic to help at least some folk - so in that vein, Gizmo's Freeware has a new article, updated for iOS 8. Things like:
  • switching between open apps
  • re-arranging icons
  • working with folders
  • typing special character
...and so on. All useful stuff that while simple, can of course be vexing if you have not figured out how to do it yet!

The Best iPad and iPad Mini Tips And Tricks [updated for iOS 7 and iOS 8]

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