Microsoft Introduces Windows 9, er, Windows 10

Windows 10 must be *really* good, because Microsoft went right from Windows 8 and skipped over Windows 9 altogether. I can only guess at the thinking behind the slightly puzzling nomenclature, but now the cat is out of the bag after Microsoft's press event today.
With Windows 8, Microsoft redesigned its operating system for a world increasingly populated with touch-screen devices, creating a start screen that looked unlike any Windows desktop before it. It filled the screen with a grid of tiles that allowed users to open applications with the tap of a finger and to see a constant flow of photos, Facebook status updates and emails with a quick glance.
But the new interface was deeply polarizing among users and seemed to overlook the fact that most people still use Windows on devices with mice and keyboards, not touch screens. “We didn’t quite get it right,” Joe Belfiore, a corporate vice president in Microsoft’s operating systems group, said at the company’s event on Tuesday.
Although Microsoft is not getting rid of the start screen with Windows 10, it is tucking it away so that many users many never see it. The software borrows some elements of the tile interface, but they will pop up on the screen only when a user clicks a menu button at the bottom of the screen.

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