The Scottish Question

I have no idea how my fellow Scots will vote on the subject of disentangling themselves from the rest of the United Kingdom on September 18th. While I don't have any great insight on the whole situation, if I still lived there I think I would lean towards Independence. My heart says yes, but my head has a lot of doubts. The Scotland vs England thing has a long and sometimes cruel and ugly history, the nearest thing I can think of here in the US might be the lingering resentment of some of those in the Southern US states to the Northerners. It's not the same, but that perhaps gives you a sense of it.

I can confidently say that the subject is front and center for most Scots these days and that I think the chances are the best they have been for the pro-Independence folk. Scottish first minister Alex Salmond is a glib and persuasive leader of the "YES" movement (for Scottish Independence), but it remains to be seen if he can deliver after the fact. It's a big gamble on so may levels. Scotland is proud but small, about 5 million souls, and it's possible they would be giving up rule from London to be subject to rule from Brussels if they later join the EU, as they almost certainly will have to - at least if they want to any sort of bargaining power in dealing with other countries.

It could be a wonderful, memorable decision that will enable Scotland to flourish on it's own terms. It could also be pretty ghastly, if the wrong people are in charge of an independent Scotland. Be careful what you wish for, etc.

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