Actual Flying Car, Not Flying Now

The current crop of "flying cars" are usually light aircraft that you can also sort of drive on the way to and from the airfield - not the flying cars I dream of. However, the Maverick flying car is a bit more like the real thing - a dune buggy type car that gets it lift from a sort of parasail and a rear mounted propeller. Sounds good - except one just crashed in Florida. Luckily, the two occupants were not seriously injured, but it throws a bit of a wet blanket on my "Blade Runner" aspirations...
One of its developers, Troy Townsend, described in a YouTube video posted a few weeks ago how the Maverick -- which flies with the aid of a parachute -- had been to various shows over the summer to display its capabilities.

In today's incident, the two people on board have not been named. However, this isn't the first time the Maverick has crashed.

In May of last year, it reportedly crashed into an elementary schoolyard in Vernon, British Columbia. A report at the time also said that two men suffered minor injuries.

I-Tec sent me this statement on Wednesday: "The Pilot and passenger were transported to a local medical facility for evaluation and are recovering well. The first flight of the morning was completed by a South American humanitarian pilot planning to use the Maverick for the benefit of isolated tribes deep in the Amazon jungle in villages without airstrips.

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