Android 5 Lollipop - What's New?

The Android operating system is popular and pervasive on mobile devices, and we now have a new version 5, Android L, now dubbed Lollipop. It has quite a few new bits and bobs, as ably described in this Lifehacker article. It will be introduced with the new Nexus 9 tablet, and will be available to some devices in the future. The one oft-cited problem of Android fragmentation will rear it's ugly head again; suitable Google devices will get the update quickly, but devices from other makers will likely not get it at all (unless on a new device) or get it in dribs and drabs on other models.
The new version of Android comes with a brand new interface, built on its new Material Design principles. The interface features brighter colors, smoother animations, and tools for developers to build apps that look the same on Android and the web. Google is giving developers tools to create apps that have a consistent appearance not just across phones and tablets, but wearables, cars, and everywhere else you can get Google.

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