Back In My Day...A Bit Of Perspective

Younger people often groan (even if only inwardly) when older people start a sentence with "When I was younger....", but it can serve as a bit of perspective, not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane for some old codger.

I am (barely!) sixty years old, and I can (sometimes) remember lots of things that were pretty radically different when I was a kid or young adult. That's not to say everything was better - it wasn't, of course - but if you ever feel impatient that things don't seem to change fast enough, take a look below at things that were once "the norm". Now, not so much.

phone booths
smoking in the workplace
cars with metal dashboards
segregated water fountains and restrooms
Apple was a record label
cars with ashtrays
MTV showed music videos
reel-to-reel hifi
rotary phones
smoking in airplanes
stinky chemical mimeograph machines
policemen walked a beat
kids played outside - a LOT
black and white TV sets

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