Calm Down - There's An App For That. Oh, And A Website

An oft-used phrase I have used in recent months and years is: "There's an app for that". I am always impressed (and sometimes depressed) at how there seems to be an app or a website for just about every need, passion, occasion, illness, desire and so on. In this case, when you want or need to just calm down go to - aptly named, indeed. Apart from the website itself, there are also apps for Apple and Android devices.
You can choose a period of 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes for your session. And you can choose whether you just get to hear calming music, or whether there's also a soothing voice too.  Combine those with the flowing, meditative graphics on the screen (or just close your eyes if you prefer) and you'll be back to a calm state in no time.

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