No, Please DON'T Upgrade Your Video Player

I know it's hard folks; there are so many scams, ruses, boondoggles, deceptions and frauds going on in Internet-land these days it would make your head spin. BUT, here is a good rule of thumb that will stand you in good stead:

If you get a link to a video, and you are prompted to "upgrade your player" or "upgrade your video codec" in order to view said video, just go onto something else - it's 99.999% certain it is a scam, trying to push malware onto your computer.

A distasteful example of this twisted twaddle was a "leaked Emma Watson Facebook video". If you are intrigued/gullible enough to click the link (adorned by some hokey suggestive images of the young actress), you arrive at a faux YouTube site which encourages you to upgrade your video player, in order to supposedly see Ms. Watson's naughty bits. You won't. It will end in tears - and not hers.

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