Older, Maybe Just A Little Wiser

Time marches on, as it does, and one sometimes gets the feeling of being a leaf or a twig floating down a seemingly endless stream, caught in a current and passively being drawn along to some unknowable destination. I suspect some of the movers and shakers of this world - the truly passionate and creative people - are more like waterfowl on that river, and paddle madly in a different direction. 

That has not been my way, in general.

Lately though, I have been making the effort to make note of times, places and people in a way that I don't think I did before. At our daughter's recent wedding, I made a conscious effort to "pull myself out" of the proceedings on a couple of occasions, and to try to really get a true sense of what was going on around me.

Another example of this kind of thought exercise is that when I mow our lawn (my wife and I both handle that chore) I try to be aware that a time will come when I am physically unable to do that any more. I still don't particularly enjoy cutting the grass, but I try to place in my mind the smells and sounds of the process - good and bad.

I suppose all this is my attempt to try and experience daily life more fully, as the clock keeps reminding me that there is a lot less of it left now than when I first arrived in the USA - "stop and smell the roses", if you like. I am trying to be less of a passenger on that river and more of a participant, even if it's only in small ways, even ways that others would not notice.

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