The Smartphone Shuffle

I broke down and got a smartphone again, since Boost Mobile had a couple of good promotions going on at the time - including a free phone; my Scottish pragmatism kicked in on that one. Initially, I was in two minds over this decision; on the one hand, I very much like the simplicity and small size of the flip phone I had, but I also like the other features available with a smartphone. 

A small smartphone would not really work with my sausage fingers, so the Motorola Moto G I got is about the right size for my hands, even though it felt rather large at first. I got used to it pretty quickly, although I still wonder at folks with the much larger Samsung and iPhone 6 phones....

Motorola Moto G - image courtesy
I stayed with a no-contract plan, as I like the flexibility it gives and I have really had no issues with reliability or even customer service with the providers I have used over the last several years - Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk.

I had looked at going to a Windows Phone, as Cricket Wireless also had a free phone offer but it was a rebate thing, which I find tiresome. If it's advertised as "free" please just give it to me at no cost, don't have me buy it and then get a rebate - but that's just me.

If I had to pay $80 a month for two years or whatever the current contract plans are from the major carriers, I doubt I would own a mobile phone, to be honest. I would certainly miss the convenience a little, but that is a chunk out of the Old Goats' budget that could be used elsewhere. 

Right now, I have a monthly 1GB high-speed data plan (throttled after that), which is more than enough, as I am not a big "streamer". I also use my home WiFi rather than the cellular network when around the house. My cost is $35 per month, which is similar to what I paid for the flip phone - that makes sense to me.

Truly, "first world problems"....

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