What? A Great App For Google Glass

Google's wearable technology, Google Glass, now has an app that can help the hard of hearing - in effect, giving you subtitles to real-life conversations. The app, Captioning on Glass, was developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is available now for free. Google Glass itself is still being worked upon and polished for final release to the public (it's been available, but in "beta" status since May 2014). It's one of those applications that makes you think "Yes, now that is a good use for this product".
"This system allows wearers like me to focus on the speaker's lips and facial gestures," said Jim Foley, a professor at Georgia Tech, in a statement. "If hard-of-hearing people understand the speech, the conversation can continue immediately without waiting for the caption. However, if I miss a word, I can glance at the transcription, get the word or two I need and get back into the conversation." 

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