Why Does The MSN Home Page Complain About My Browser Being Outdated?

If you use Windows XP and have visited the homepage recently, you will find a site that does not really work properly, and that suggests you have an out of date browser and need to update it - what is that all about? Microsoft has redesigned as a new type of web portal, to integrate more with the look and feel of newer versions of Windows. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and so Internet Explorer (IE) version 8 is the latest version you can use on XP - but now uses web technologies that are not longer supported by IE 8. Other sites already give similar "warnings" to IE8 users, and you will see more over the coming weeks and months.

The solutions:

1 - don't visit those sites any more (not much of an option)
2 - upgrade to a later version of Windows (and a newer version of IE)
3 - upgrade to a different browser on Windows XP (a good interim solution)

Both the current versions of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers will work with MSN and with the other sites running more modern web technologies.

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