Why "Windows 10" Then?

There has been quite a bit of speculation as to why the technical preview of the next version of Microsoft Windows was designated "Windows 10", as many had plausibly assumed it would be Windows 9. One theory is that Microsoft just wanted to prove they could keep a secret and thumb their nose at all the pundits. Another perhaps more credible suggestion is that Microsoft wanted to put a bit of perceived distance between this and the lukewarmly-received Windows 8, and so "skipped a version".

There may be a more practical answer too, as according to one Reddit user identifying themselves as a Microsoft developer; many third-party software products search for an identification "string" (letters or numbers) to know which version of Windows is running. Old version of Windows such as Windows 95 and Windows 98 would likely not be able to run more recent software, and would generate an error message. Anything with a "9" in the name could therefore be a problem, hence Windows 10.

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