Windows Own Antivirus Not Getting Any Better, Folks

There was a time when Microsoft Security Essentials was a decent, free antivirus product that came packaged with Windows. Over the last year or so, the product has fallen out of favor, and it's now hard to recommend it even as basic protection - it's better than no antivirus, but regularly scores at or near the bottom of most virus test comparisons. Antivirus testing is an inexact science, but when one product is consistently poorly rated in different tests, then it's time to take notice.
AV-TEST Institute's August 2014 (Windows 7 SP1) test results are now available. The company reports on 33 antivirus applications: 24 consumer-oriented antivirus programs and 9 corporate-endpoint protection packages. This article focuses on the corporate antivirus test results, the consumer antivirus test results are posted here.
If you are looking for a guide to free AV products for Windows, Gizmo's Freeware has an updated list here.

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