Dracula Can Find Your Veins, Medical Pros Sometimes Have Trouble

I am one of those folk who seems to run into trouble when the medical pros try to take a blood sample: their brows furrow, their eyes squint, and the poking begins. Some of us have easy-to-find veins, some to do not. It's uncomfortable and a time waster for all concerned - but there is an answer.
Whether it is to deliver medication or draw blood, nurses have to find veins from many different types of individuals. While some people have veins protruding throughout their arm, others don’t have anything visible nurses can see to guide them. Neonatal and oncology patients, people that are overweight and children present challenges only the most experienced phlebotomist can handle. However, by using near-infrared light technology nurses can now find the optimal venipuncture site even for the most difficult cases. Although the technology has been around for more than four years, it is finally seeing increased adoption after many real-life user cases by healthcare professionals around the world proved its viability.

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