How Are We "Made Of Star Stuff", Exactly?

When the late Carl Sagan used to talk about us being made of "star stuff", I used to figure he was waxing poetic - but no, apparently we really are, according to those scientific chaps (and so is everything else).
"The cosmos is also within us, we're made of star stuff," was the famous knowledge bomb that Sagan dropped in his original award-winning TV series "Cosmos," which recently got the reboot treatment with super space nerd Neil DeGrasse-Tyson as host.
But what the heck does that actually mean? Like everything else in astronomy, it has the effect of making me feel small and insignificant... and yes, existentially connected to everything else in the cosmos, but probably not in the way Sagan intended. "Star stuff" makes me think we are the equivalent of star dandruff, just barely clinging to the surface of the ragged old T-shirt that is our planet.

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